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    To have an overvieuw over my articles, I want them in excerpt positioned in pairs of two, next to each other on the so called blogpage. So, I have my homepage, my blogpage and my articles(posts)
    The so called blogpage automaticly presents my articles, but also the whole content. However the only thing I want to show on the blogpage is an image, a title and eventually a short sentence. An excerpt actually.
    What solution does GeneratePress has for this problem? Is there a detailed article?


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    by default WordPress removes HTML from the excerpt. And the length of the excerpt can be changed in the Blog Settings Excerpt Word Count:


    Do you have any plugins or custom functions that are changing the Excerpt output ?

    The other option is to use the Excerpt meta box in the post editor. Whatever you type in there will replace the excerpt.



    Hi David, thanks for your help.
    Stil some questions:
    (I do not use plugins or custom functions)

    1) In my post/article I use content/no sidebar. But the blogpage still show a search block and a block archives. Can I disable that, so I have the whole page free for excerpts?
    2) In Blog archives(customizer) I have set Read more button label and set Display Read more button. I do not see a read more button at all. The title in the excerpt is actually the link to the complete article. Should there really be a real button with text “Read more” and backround and textcolors?
    3) Is it possible to place the excerpts on the homepage as well?
    4)The other option is to use the Excerpt meta box in the post editor. Whatever you type in there will replace the excerpt.
    Please can you give more detailed information? I cannot find the location of the Excerpt meta box in the post editor. When you mean the right site of the page editor, between featured image and discussion, I can only write down sentences, which appear in the excerpt. Like a dicription of the title.

    Youn can see the website in developement(actually a try-out website) http://rickmoeliker.nl


    David Customer Support

    1. In Customizer > Layout > Sidebars you have a separate option for Blog Sidebar Layout

    2. and 4.
    That is correct the Excerpt field is between the Featured Image and Discussion fields in the Post Editor. These are known as Custom Excerpts and to display a Read more link or button requires these codes:


    3. You would require a plugin like this to display posts outside of the blog/archives:




    Hi David, thank you for your answers.
    1. is ok
    2. and 4. I’am still in trouble. Where exactly do I have to place these codes? The excerpt field is only for sentences and not for the php code. functions php,or a code snippets plugin?
    The last one I aleady tried. But after given in the codes, there is one line with failure saying:
    Cannot redeclare function tu excerpt_metabox_more()SO, I DID NOT SAVE CHANGES.
    But maybe I’m already on the wrong track with this plugin or way of thinking.
    3. I have to find out, but first solve 2. and 4. .


    David Customer Support

    2. and 4. This article provides the methods for adding PHP:


    You should ONLY add one of the codes provided.



    I do not know what happened, but “suddenly”(?) the excerpt was there complete with button and text.
    WITHOUT USING THE CODES OR SNIPPET PLUGIN! Is this possible without using the code actively?


    Tom Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    It’s possible if:

    1. You’ve set the blog content to “Excerpt” in Customize > Layout > Blog
    2. You’re not using the “Excerpt” custom field

    If those conditions are met, the excerpt and read more buttons will appear by default 🙂



    Thank you Tom, step by step I am learning, with great help!

    Now I have a featured image in the header of my article and I should like to display the same image in the excerpt on my blogpage. For this moment the excerpt field only shows the title and shortcut and the read more button. Is it possible to edit the except field (reposition text and image)?


    Tom Lead Developer

    If you’re showing an excerpt, it won’t show any images (or any HTML) from your post itself.

    Are you adding the featured image using the “Featured Image” area in the editor? If so, is it enabled to show?: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/adjusting-the-featured-images/



    Hi Tom,

    Step by step I’m coming further.
    Still some playing with the excerpts, moving and add the featured images and get them in the right position.

    Now I want to show the excerpt on my homepage and using your the advice of David, se below

    3. You would require a plugin like this to display posts outside of the blog/archives:

    (Ihave downloaded the plugin already)

    And I saw your name as a contributor to WP show post.
    I cannot see clearly how to work with the shortcode in order to get a kind of copy of the excerpt on my homepage. Is there a step by step article?


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    you can find the support documentation for WP Show Posts here:


    From the Dashboard > WP Show Posts > Create a new List.
    Within the list you can configure the list, selecting the Post Type of Post, filter them by Taxonomy eg. Category, set the number of posts display etc. All the fine detail is covered in the above docs.

    Once created it provides a shortcode which you simply copy, edit your Home Page and Paste in.



    Thank you David,
    Am I correct in saying that with the help of wpshowpost you can create a kind of complete copy of the existing excerpt, which you can place “anywhere” you want in your website by means of the shortcode.

    It not possible to make a kind of copy of the existing excerpt en kind of paste it on the homepage.
    (probably simple wishfull thinking, it is of course wordpress and not a microsoft word program)

    Kind regards,


    David Customer Support

    Thats correct, you can place the WP Show Posts shortcode on any Static Page or Post to display a list of post excerpts.



    Thank you David, but the question was, Am I right that I have to make up a kind of complete copy of the existing excerpt first with WP show post elements, and then placing the shortcode somewhere?

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