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    I’ve followed the youtube videos relating to this topic to try and implement my own design template for blog posts but I can’t seem to get the design to display with the correct categories defined.

    The page to display the post is the ‘Recipes’ page. This has a query loop block set to display posts.

    The element block has been set up to display the featured image and post title (basic design for testing).
    The element block has been given the location – Page – Recipes – Post category Archive – Summer

    The Recipe page seems to pull the design but populates it with the image and title of the recipes page not the defined post category. This only happens on the front end, the back end just displays the themes design.

    After generating the Block Element it also did something with my custom fonts as they now don’t display on the front end. I’m not sure if this is connected.

    This is being tested on a fresh install of WordPress with only GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks installed.



    Customer Support

    Hi Darren,

    Can you share the link to the page in question?

    You may use the Private Information field for this: https://docs.generatepress.com/?s=private+information


    Hi Fernando,

    I’ve provided a link to the page in the private field.


    The linked page is actually to the home page. This is displaying a query loop just to display all post with the new design and omitting the category selections.

    The block element is just being asked to display post category archive – all categories.

    Hopefully this simplifies where the issue is.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    you’re Recipes Page is a static page built with a Query Loop.

    Are you expecting the Block Element – Content Template to apply to that query loop on that static page?
    If so… then that will not work.

    Let me know


    Hi David,

    Sorry, I’m slightly confused.

    The same thing happens if I try to put the query loop onto any page. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?


    Customer Support

    Ok, create a new page, and call it Blog.
    Then in Settings > Reading – select your Blog to show the latest posts.

    Then in you Block Element – Content Template, set its Display Rules to Blog

    Does the blog page show the content template ?



    Ok I see. I think this is the wrong feature for what I’m trying to create then as it looks like I can’t embed the blog feed into a page and retain the Content Template?

    Im rebuilding the site below from scratch to improve site speed.

    I need to be able to display things like ‘Latest Recipe’ like on the home page. This grid is populated by a specific category.

    The Recipes page are again grids populated depending on the category.

    The layout for how these look has been customised.

    Is there a way do create the same with GeneratePress/Blocks?

    Thank you for your help. I’m still getting my head around whats possible.

    Customer Support

    You can still do that.

    When you create a Static Page such as your homepage, you need to use a Query Loop Block and design the cards inside the query loop.

    For your auto-generated Blog, Category Archive pages, this is where you use GP Elements, and can add Content Templates, Page Heroes etc.

    If you want a common design between a static page Query Loop and an Archive Page.
    Then you can first design your query loop, and then convert the blocks inside its Post Template to a Reusable Block:

    See here:


    With the reusable block saved you can then add that inside a Block element – Content Template for your Blog and Category Archives.

    Then in the future if you edit that re-usable block, all the Query Loops and content templates will update.


    That’s great, it all makes sense now. Thank you David.

    Customer Support
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