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[Resolved] Background image not showing in Section

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Background image not showing in Section

Home Forums Support Background image not showing in Section

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    I am creating a page using sections. I have followed your video overview for sections, but I get a different result.

    I want to create a section with a background image (the third section in the example video).
    I do the same steps as you do in the video (except I did not have my image in the library and uploaded it on the fly when customizing the section), but the image does not show up when I publish the page.

    I have tried to also activate the “Background”-add on (even though it is not activated in the video) just in case something might have changed. It had no effect.

    I use WordPress 4.9.6.
    I do not have any caching plugins.
    I do not use any other page builder plugin.
    I have searched the forum for a solution, not finding it.
    I’m on a Mac (10.11.6) using Google Chrome (66.0.3359.181)

    Any ideas?


    PS Great new look on your website!

    GeneratePress 2.1.2
    GP Premium 1.6.2
    Customer Support

    Hi Cecilia,

    can you share a link to the site so we can have a look please.


    I’ve opened the site and you’ll find the link in my first msg to you. Let me know when you’ve taken a look so I can close it again (as it’s not finished yet I don’t want it to be up and running quite yet).

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    The background image is pointing to a sub-domain on your website.

    It’s not working because that URL is using https, but that sub-domain isn’t configured to use SSL.

    If you add SSL to that sub-domain, it should work ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ah, but of course!
    Thank you!


    Just a short note to confirm it worked.

    I don’t know why my webb host does that; adds a setting that puts media in a sub-domain? I recently got SSL so I didn’t come to think of it. But it was easy to fix. I removed the subdomain and now store media in the same domain as everything else.

    Thanks again!


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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