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    John MacKenzie

    hi All, there are 2 parts to this question i hope you can help me with
    1) how do i create a menu that will automatically show the child categories of the category I am in if i go into that child category then it would then show those child categories in the sidebar menu
    the menu should be a pop out with the related sub categories or posts.

    if it has to show all the upper level categories those other ones should be minimized and only expand the category you are on but ideally it will just show sub categories of the category you are on.

    this is to be displayed on a left sidebar using contact aware sidebars to replace the standard blog sidebar.

    2) currently the sidebar on blog pages is a RIGHT sidebar, is there a way to set the blog posts to have a right sidebar and a left sidebar on category pages.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    1. Is this for woo products or posts or both?

    2. You can use the Layout Element to change the Sidebar display for specific places:


    John MacKenzie

    1) its just for posts.

    2) cool thanks!

    Customer Support

    I had a look around to see what Category Menu Widgets are available… oddly for what is probably quite a common need there are very few:



    There are some others but very few have the accordion options and most ( including the above ) have premium versions to add that kind of functionality.

    John MacKenzie

    Hi David

    ah i was trying to look through some of those. Yes you think it should be easy! havent tried iks yet,, advanced sidebar menu didnt do anything for me so far i am having the most success with the nextend one (discontinued now so its free) and was working with JC submenu to auto create the whole list of categories in a menu but not having success yet, if i can combine that with the nextend accordion it may work!

    thanks for the tips.

    Customer Support

    Yeah theres lot of plugins for Woocommrce products and theres nice Parent/Child page plugins around – but not many that don’t require premium upgrades for posts….

    You’re welcome

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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