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    Hi, on archive pages of one of my sites (see url provided) the layout is not responsive on desktop.

    If I try to reduce the browser window, the text and images inside the archive page remain the same.

    On other websites with GeneratePress, same settings and plugins, it works normally.

    Also, pages and posts works without issues.

    Do you know what happened in this case?

    Thank you in advance

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    did you find the issue? It looks fine to me, when i reduce the browser width to 1024px it switches to 2 columns and at 768px it switches to 1 column.

    Let me know what i am missing


    Hi David, the issue is with the text and image added as “category description”, as you can see here https://imgur.com/a/osPZiwz

    Another weird stuff I noticed with category pages specific of the domain provided, is that I can’t add to the text a simple emoji because it disappear from the text editor when I update the category.

    Any idea? Thank you in advance

    Customer Support

    Just checked the link on my phone and not seeing the issue either:

    What browser are you using? Maybe try disabling all plugins to test?


    Hi Leo, I’m using Chrome.

    The issue is only from desktop, text is not “wrapping” around the image and is not shrinking when I drag the browser window.

    The same happen with Safari as you can see here https://imgur.com/a/Kbyos6y

    I tried to disable plugins but it didn’t solve the problem.

    Customer Support

    Weird. I definitely don’t see that issue with Chrome:

    Any chance you’ve tested with incognito mode to eliminate any extension conflicts?

    Maybe test it with another device if you have one?

    I’m guessing it’s something specific to that device as David and I are both not seeing the issue.


    Hi Leo, thank you for taking the time to record the video.

    That’s really weird though, I’ve tried with Chrome and Safari on 2 laptops, also on incognito mode, and I have the same issue.

    But I’ve noticed that if I remove all the text formatting and the image from the page, keeping only a plain text, I don’t see the same issue anymore.

    Also, the emoji issue is really weird, why it’s happening only on my laptop and only in one site?

    I have multiple websites with GeneratePress and same plugins/settings, it did not happen on those.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    I don’t think I’m seeing this issue, either. Any chance you can create a video of the issue so we can see the exact steps to reproduce?


    Hi Tom,

    I recorded a video for the 2 issues (page not responsive and emoji disappearing).

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Customer Support

    Just wondering, do you get the responsive issue when you are logged out?

    As for emoji issue, WordPress doesn’t allow HTML in category description by default. Perhaps you are using a plugin or a custom function in other sites that are allowing it to happen?


    Hi Leo, yes I have the same issues also when I’m logged out and in incognito mode on my Chrome and Safari.

    On other sites I’m using same plugins and configuration.

    Customer Support

    For the responsive issue, can you send me the dashboard access and I can try it on my end?

    You can send the dashboard access using Account Issue here:

    Please include the following information:
    – The URL of this topic.
    – Login URL.
    – Username and password.

    For the emoji issue, what plugin are you using to allow HTML in category description?

    Perhaps it doesn’t allow emoji? It really isn’t a theme issue so might be good to test it with a twenty series theme?

    The example above doesn’t have emoji.


    Details sent.

    I cleared cache on the page above, please check again.

    I’m not using any plugin to allow HTML in category description.


    Customer Support

    I logged in to your site and tested the same page and it’s definitely working as seen here:

    Since it works for David, Tom and myself, I would assume it’s something to do with both of your laptops – I know this sounds bizarre but I’m running out of ideas here unfortunately.

    Is the page responsive if you view with a mobile phone?

    As for the emoji, this isn’t really something the theme can control or interfere. Any chance you can test it with a twenty series theme?


    No problem Leo, I know it’s weird but at first I thought it was something related to the theme.

    Yes, page is responsive from mobile.

    I’ll test the emoji issue and try to find a solution, thank you again for taking the time to check it!

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