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    I just changed my homepage header to a video. I actually really like how it turned out, but I’m having one issue I think with proper coding…
    I can’t get the site header to appear in the middle of the first screen, over the video, like it did on the image. I have my site title, a line of descriptive text, and a call-to-action button that I’d like to appear above the fold. I’ve played with everything I know how, but I can’t get it quite right.
    Thanks for your advice!


    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Can you try the exact format here?

    The div with class background-video-content is actually quite important so make sure to wrap your <h1> and <h2> with that.



    Thanks for the advice – you were right, I didn’t have the

    classes in – but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I moved the new segment of code around, up, down, and in the middle of the video code, but only succeeded in either moving the title to the top, bottom, or disappearing lines altogether. I’ve left my code exactly as listed on the article you linked:
    <video loop muted autoplay poster=”https://twinbuttesranch.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Arizona-2018-Twin-Buttes-Ranch-260-Jepeg.jpg/TO/poster.jpg” class=”background-video”>
    <source src=”https://twinbuttesranch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Ranch-video-no-loop.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>

    <h1 class=”hero-headline”>Twin Buttes Ranch</h1>
    <h2>Discover the Potential of a Huge Ranch with Untapped Mineral & Renewable Energy Resources</h2>

    Thanks for your help!


    Leo Customer Support

    Looks like the wrong quotation was used here:

    It should work once you’ve fixed that.

    Should be " " and not



    Thank you – but now I’m really confused. I changed that, and the video has disappeared completely! I even tried re-pasting what I sent you, but the video no longer appears on the homepage.


    Leo Customer Support

    I’m still seeing the wrong quotation everywhere:

    Can you make sure all of them are fixed? Please also disable Endurance page cache plugin for now.



    OK, that did it! Thanks for providing the right quotations, I realized that I was using my keyboard to re-input those, and when I copy/pasted yours, it clicked in better than ever. I appreciate your help – you guys are the BEST!


    Leo Customer Support
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