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    Try to add a custom sidebar to a CPT archive page. I’ve been scouring the documentation and forum but the only post I can find covering this topic is from 2015 and no longer works:

    I have already created a new widget position (cpt_sidebar) in functions.php and populated it. Now I just need to have it appear where the right sidebar currently does on the CPT archive only, not CPT posts or anywhere else.

    function generate_construct_sidebars()

    Using this old code from 2015 with the current version of GP adds the existing right sidebar to normal pages that do not have a sidebar — even if the sidebar is specifically turned off in page settings — instead of the new cpt_sidebar widget position. Meanwhile the CPT archive remains unaffected; the existing right sidebar still shows despite do_action('generate_cpt_sidebar'); being added to the archive-CPT.php template file.

    There has to be a simple way to do this but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet and could really use a bit of assistance. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Hey David,

    Ahhh yes, this code looks familiar, thank you for the reminder. Believe I have used it on another site before. However, thus far I have been unable to customize the code correctly to get the new widget position (cpt_sidebar) to display on the CPT archive (new-templates) page. Am I missing something?

    		if ( is_singular( 'guides' ) ) {
    		} elseif ( is_archive( 'new-templates' ) ) {
    			if ( ! dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar-1' ) ) {
    				generate_do_default_sidebar_widgets( 'cpt_sidebar' );
    		} else {
    			if ( ! dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar-1' ) ) {
    				generate_do_default_sidebar_widgets( 'right-sidebar' );
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    Hi Matthew,

    The code you shared is set to do nothing if the page is a single post page for the post type is guides as the if condition for it immediately closes w/o anything in it. Was that part intended?

    Plus, if you wish to set a condition to a specific CPT archive page, try using is_post_type_archive()

    is_post_type_archive() without args in it will return true for ALL CPT archive pages. is_post_type_archive() with args, i.e., is_post_type_archive('guides') will return TRUE if the current page is an archive page for CPT guides.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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