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[Support request] 7 problems.. (sorry)

Home Forums Support [Support request] 7 problems.. (sorry)

Home Forums Support 7 problems.. (sorry)

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    Hi again GP-team! Thanks for your patience and great service! I am a super amateur but some things take so much time for me to figure out and I just gave up. (Although I have already learned a lot since I started to torment you with my questions.)

    I have summarized all my questions here and I hope I will not bother you after this for a long time. Thanks in advance for helping me! I start with the most annoying/urgent things:

    1.I am using the theme Market from the Site library. I have been adding some template-blocks from Elementor. It looked nice so I thought I should keep the fonts and the Elementor style. However, when I go to Typography>Family= It says “Standard”. It wouldn’t tell me what family it was. (I tried a million ways to figure this one out but gave up. In order to change my site so it would have the same fonts I need what family “Standard” is!). So I concluded what I already knew, Elementor is a piece of sh#€#it.

    So then I thought to myself. Ok, Let’s do it the other way. I use the default fonts etc from your Theme “Market”. It still looks pretty good. I went to Elementor settings to uncheck the boxes to let Elementor fonts etc get overwritten. I made a new page and started to add content. But it looks different (the fonts color or smth is different from the Homepage). It is annoying because I want all the fonts on my pages to be the same. Even if I mix in elementor stuff. I want to overwrite it all to the Theme fonts.

    I know this is partly or most likely 100% Elementor related prolems, but if you know how to do this I would be very happy.

    2. “Market” has a side widget with some CSS-stuff. It has the background color in orange but when I scroll down the menu changes to white and the text becomes blue:
    a) Can I set a new color for the text and for the background?
    b) Can I use the same fonts as the rest of my website? How?

    3. The Widget should only be visible on the homepage so I downloaded a plugin to make it invisible on other pages. However, when I create a new, blank page there are 2 widgets that does not exist in the dashboard>Widgets. The first one is the same orange box but with a “search” field in it. The 2nd widget is a box saying “Archive”. (I had this problem with GP on another site I made which resulted in a lot of stress and suffering). How do I get rid of this???

    4. Also I use this widget as a side menu. Would be nice to make each menu option with a border (a line above and under or smth). If difficult don’t bother.

    5. Can I add a widget with a box with the image and the header + link to a specific single page of my choice? (If this is difficult then don’t bother with this one).

    6. Can I add Social share icons in the Header next to the menu? Can I add it as a widget?

    7. I use WordPress settings and GP-theme in Swedish in order to get the text tagged as Swedish so Google don’t get confused. Actually I would prefer to use english settings? Do you know if it is possible to use WordPress and the theme in english but having the text/scripts tagged as Swedish?

    Thanks again. These things might seem easy but I have spent some good time without successfully solving them.

    Thanks! /jacob

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Can I please ask you to open 1 topic per question? This would make it much easier for us to track the issues.

    Feel free to open as many topics as you’d like and we really don’t mind.

    But for questions related to Elementor please do check with their support.

    Thank you so much!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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