GP Premium 1.7

GP Premium 1.7 is a big update with various fixes, tweaks and new additions!

Introducing Elements

The biggest change in 1.7 is the addition of Elements, our newest module.

This new module replaces the Page Header and GP Hooks modules. Of course, those modules will still exist and function as they do now if you’re using them. When and if you’re ready, you’ll be able to manually migrate your old Page Headers and Hooks to Elements. For more information on migrating, check out this video.

Once you’re done migrating, you can deactivate the old modules, and they will disappear from the list.

New installations will no longer be able to activate Page Header or GP Hooks.

Header Element

Check out the Header Element documentation here.

The Header element replaces our old Page Header module. This element has most of the same options as the old Page Headers.

When you create a new Header element, you have a couple choices.

Page Hero

The Page Hero section allows you to build a hero section which will sit below your site header. This is what was previously known as a “Page Header”.

Site Header

The Site Header section allows you to make changes to your site header. This includes things like changing the site logo, merging the site header with the content below it, and even changing the navigation location.

Hook Element

Check out the Hook Element documentation here.

The Hook element replaces the GP Hooks module.

This element allows you to insert content into any available hook on your website. There’s a list of available GP and GP Premium hooks, and there’s a custom hook option that allows you to define your own hook name if it doesn’t exist in the dropdown.

Layout Element

Check out the Layout Element documentation here.

The Layout element allows you to set the same options you’re used to in the Layout metabox, but on a site-wide scale.

This means you can change the sidebar layout on specific categories for example, or set the content layout to full width on your entire site if you’re using a page builder everywhere.

This element is a massive time saver.

Display Rules

Each element has a Display Rules tab. This tab is the true power behind this new module.

In order for your element to display anywhere on your website, you must set certain conditions within the Display Rules tab.

These settings allow you to display your element throughout your site. You can choose specific pages, posts, categories etc.. You can even tell the element to display across your entire site.

You can also exclude the element using the same conditions. For example, you can tell your element to display throughout your entire site, excluding the About page.

Full Changelog

  • Blog: Prevent masonry container jump on load
  • Blog: Change “Full” label to “Full Content”
  • New: Elements module
  • Elements: Header element (replaces the Page Header module)
  • Elements: Hook element (replaces the Hooks module)
  • Elements: Layout element
  • Hooks: Replaced by Elements module
  • Hooks: Move link to legacy hooks inside Elements area
  • Import/Export: Re-write code
  • Import/Export: Import activated modules
  • Menu Plus: Fix slideout close button alignment/color issues
  • Menu Plus: Fix slideout issue with relative main navigation CSS
  • Menu Plus: Fix ul display inside slideout navigation widget
  • Menu Plus: Change Slideout Navigation theme location label to Slideout Menu
  • Menu Plus: Close slideout navigation when a link within it is clicked
  • Menu Plus: Show slideout navigation theme location option after Primary
  • Menu Plus: Improve a11y of slideout navigation
  • Menu Plus: Add .site-wrapperΒ class compatibility to sticky nav
  • Menu Plus: Prepare offside.js for future button dropdown menu toggle
  • Menu Plus: Add .slideout-exitΒ class to close slideout
  • Page Header: Replaced by Elements module
  • Page Header: Move link to legacy Page Headers inside Elements area
  • Page Header: Fix hentry Google Search Console errors
  • Page Header: Fix clearing element issue
  • Page Header: WPML fix in global locations
  • Page Header: Prevent PHP notices within Elementor Library area
  • Page Header: Fix retina logo issue (in new Elements module only)
  • Page Header: Show original logo in sticky navigation (in new Elements module only)
  • Page Header: Add mobile header logo option (in new Elements module only)
  • Secondary Nav: Show theme location option after Primary
  • Sections: Allow Sections when Gutenberg is activated
  • Sections: Hide Gutenberg editor when Sections enabled
  • Sections: Fix text domain issues
  • Sections: Use regular checkbox for use sections
  • Spacing: Add future support for sub-menu width option
  • Sites: Fix .complete class conflicts
  • Sites: Remove verified provider debug notice
  • WooCommerce: Add shopping bag and shopping basket icon options to cart menu item
  • WooCommerce: Fix WC error with non-product post types
  • WooCommerce: Fix too many WC star issue
  • WooCommerce: Add CSS for cart menu item in secondary nav
  • WooCommerce: Add WC menu item location filter to mobile cart
  • WooCommerce: Fix issue with disabling sale badge when set to overlay
  • WooCommerce: Add option to disable/enable sale badge on single product pages
  • WooCommerce: Fix my account icon on mobile
  • General: Fix smooth scroll issues on mobile
  • General: Improve overall smooth scroll functionality
  • General: Add generate_smooth_scroll_elements filter
  • General: Move GPP icons from Font Awesome to custom icons
  • A11y: Add context to all “Contained” strings

8/15/2018 – 1.7.1

  • Elements: Fix PHP error in PHP 5.3
  • Elements: Fix Choose Element not showing due to some third party plugins

41 thoughts on “GP Premium 1.7”

  1. Hey Tom,

    This looks like a great update, thanks for your work on this.

    I have a question about the Layout Element setting for sidebars – in the current version of GP Premium, I can set the default layout in the Customiser > Layout > Sidebars. How does the new layout element setting for sidebars work with this, as it seems that they both so the same thing?

    Does one take precedence? Or will the layout element replace the customiser setting? Or am I missing something?


    • Hey Duncan, great question!

      For options that have Customizer and metabox options, the order goes like this:

      1. Customizer option
      2. Element option overwrites Customizer option
      3. Per-page layout metabox overwrites Element option

      • That makes perfect sense, thanks Tom. Now that I’ve played with it a bit more, this looks like a really powerful and flexible option, especially when combined with display rules.
        Great work, as always! 😊

  2. Hello Tom,
    1) Will BuddyPress support the display rules?
    2) Do you add support for widgets/sidebar for conditional logic?

  3. GP,

    I’ve had to made a custom plugin that works with GP Premium that does almost what the new Elements feature does. It’s sooooo exciting to see this is not apart of GP. Now I have to see about migrating my plugin stuff to work with Elements. That’s ok. It’ll be worth it. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this. I use GP Premium on my client website which are all high-traffic (enterprise) websites.

    Johnny Dean

    • Hi there,

      We would need someone to test the two together to know for sure.

      1.7 uses a custom post type, so it should be compatible.

  4. Hi, is there a specific method you prefer for reporting bugs? I found something (really minor) but wanted to let you know.

    So far LOVING 1.7! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi, it looks great. What I don’t quite understand: how do I deal with the “old page heads”? Will these be deleted? How can I edit them if I have activated Elements?

    • Hi there,

      It’s similar in ways (creating elements, using display rules), but we obviously don’t have a page builder like Beaver Builder included.

      We give you an HTML editor where you can add your own HTML instead.

  6. Amazing and wonderful work Tom!

    This update is something that I was always looking for. I always wanted at least the core customisation options without having to sacrifice the speed and the performance.

    The 1.7 update has not only made GP even more powerful, but also every GP user’s dream come true.

    The only element type I found missing is Footer. Just like Header, it would have been great if Footer was also added. This would give us more control on displaying different types of footers across different locations and devices. For e.g. displaying a minimal footer on mobile devices and mega footer on desktops.

    Once again, lots of hugs for the major release and significant improvements πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my… Is it just me or did you just turned GP into the easiest to use and fastest Theme Builder on the market with this update?
    Its brillant!
    I was using the GP Premium – Elementor Combo more and more and its seems you kicked some Elementor features in the …
    I still think this will be a great combo for complex design but you made something really great here.

    Side note: Maybe I missed it but where is the ‘sitewide data’ listing for layout design? Like {{site_title}} or {{page_header}}. I cant find those

    If this is a 1.X version, I wonder what are your plans for 2.0
    Your job is amazing Tom. Thank you

    • Thank you! Glad you like it πŸ™‚

      The available template tags are in the sidebar metabox while creating a Header Element. We’ll be adding more in time.

  8. This module is really awesome! Thank you and congratulations.

    I’d like to suggest something when adding Hooks on the Display rules you can select Roles to display it. Would be great to have the “opposite” of that. Select one Role to exclude and show it to everyone else. The use case I found out could be useful is to remove the Administrators for getting a script that loads some tracking for usability and such while keeping everyone else in).

    Again, thanks for such a great update, Tom!

    • Glad you like it!

      Technically you could choose the user roles to display to, and exclude the others. However, I agree it would be useful to have the option to exclude certain roles as well.

      • Hi Tom,
        Has this been implemented? I have GP Premium 1.7.8 but can’t see an exclusion role based and I was after the same thing, basically exclude an hook to run for the admins.
        Thank you

  9. This was necessary (at least for me) for saving a lot of time en each post. Thanks a lot for making it possible.
    Just one question, is it possible to include a tag for calculating and showing the reading time in the header?
    Thanks again.

    • Are you getting any specific errors? GP Premium shouldn’t care about the folder name, it just cares whether certain GeneratePress functions exist or not.


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