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  • in reply to: Footers #515853

    Pardon my stupidity but I cannot find the file manager. Where is it please?

    in reply to: Footers #515307

    Tom, I have tried and tried to find the folder you mention above (wp-content/plugins) but I cannot find it. I called my host (Go Daddy) and they couldn’t understand what I was talking about and they wanted me to pay them more money to help me.

    Just to remind you — If I understand you correctly, I need to find it and delete the Content Aware Sidebars folder in wp-content/plugins so I will be able to reinstall Content Aware Sidebars in order to restore the various right sidebars I had on my website. They are all on the left now and I can’t drag them back without reinstalling the Content Aware Sidebars but when I try to reinstall it, I get a screen message saying it’s already installed even though it is no longer on my plugin’s page. I hope that made sense. I wish I understood all this better. Any help would be appreciated.

    in reply to: Footers #499218

    Tom, you are correct that it was Content Aware Sidebars. For some reason that plugin is gone — it’s just not there — but when I try to reinstall it, it won’t let me because it says that “folder already exists”. When I search for it on my plugin page, it says no plugin for Content Aware Sidebars. So it won’t let me pull my inactive sidebars back over to the right without that plugin. How can I fix this or can you help me fix it?

    in reply to: Footers #498452

    Tom, I have found all the missing articles in my widgets — they are all at the bottom of the widget page now each listed as “inactive sidebar”. I need help figuring out how I get them to go back to the pages they were on. You had helped me with putting them on the page when I originally did it but I don’t remember what we did. Whatever it was, it allowed me to put a different sidebar in the right column of every page.

    in reply to: Footers #498417

    I have thought about this and I am pretty sure it was a widget and that each of the articles appeared on my widget page. Light weight grid columns maybe, or something else. I have no idea why they disappeared and I need them back. Hope you can help me.

    in reply to: Footers #498382

    You helped me to put a different article in the right hand column on every page. I don’t remember the details. Now all those articles have vanished and all it says there is “archive”. I do have Updraft Plus backups in my email but I don’t how to install them so everything comes back. I don’t know if you sent me a widget or a plugin or what. It might have been a different topic, which I cannot find right now because the system closed it.

    in reply to: Footers #497899

    Do you know how I can use my Updraft Plus backups to restore them maybe?

    in reply to: Footers #497898

    Tom, some time back you helped me fix the right hand column so I could put different articles on each page. That has stopped working and I cannot figure out how you helped me do that. Can you help me get the articles I put there to reappear? Where are they? How do I reactivate them? Website is I can send you access/login info if you need it — or you might be able to find in our previous communications above. Thanks.

    in reply to: Footers #444277

    Actually, Jim Wright (I think you know him) added it for me — and it was perfect.

    But I just looked at it and I think it’s OK now. The rewritten code you sent this morning seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

    in reply to: Footers #444202

    “Perhaps try re-adding the Facebook embed code from their site?” Sorry for my ignorance but I don’t know what that means. Can you clarify for me, please?

    in reply to: Footers #443725

    2nd PS — (Please read all of my last three messages including this one) — The caption underneath the blue Facebook box used to be centered under the Facebook box but if you look carefully, you will see that the left margin of the box is further left than the left margin of the caption. They used to be the same size.

    in reply to: Footers #443720

    PS — Maybe we just need to eliminate the white space under the blue Facebook box so that the caption is directly underneath it. That is how it used to be. The white space with the letter tops did not used to be there.

    in reply to: Footers #443718

    OK, Tom, that worked as far as side to side goes but not top to bottom. Please look at it one more time on the website. Instead of the blue Facebook image being tall enough (like it used to be), there is now some white space under it (between the blue and the caption I have underneath it) — that did not used to be there, and it looks like the top of some letters show a tad at the bottom of the white space.

    How do I make the blue Facebook box thing fill the space top to bottom, too?

    in reply to: Footers #443609

    I tried it but it did not work. Maybe I am not adding it at the right place?

    This is what it says currently… where do I add the code you sent me in this?

    <iframe src=”” width=”340″ height=”214″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″
    allowTransparency=”true”></iframe><center>Click any of the three links above to like, share, or locate our page on Facebook</center>

    in reply to: Footers #443595

    Hi Tom. Thank you. It is

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