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  • in reply to: Content protect #444247

    Okey, thanks Tom.

    in reply to: Tablet and mobile issues #439539

    Problem with code. Error showing with “body” and “}” I put this code in Customize->Aditional CSS

    I copy table from my excel file and paste in page.

    in reply to: "Read more" button #435910

    I dont know which one is better for me. I can use Polilang for free only one problem, i must make 3 posts for my one product. But WPML doesnt have a demo version to test it.

    in reply to: "Read more" button #435426

    Now i using Polylang plugin. But i dont like thhis plugin because i must write one blog post to seperate languages. 3 same posts in each languages. Tom, what do you think which plugin will be better for my blog?

    in reply to: "Read more" button #429727

    Still not working with that code. Only changed button on all languages to ‘Read more’

    in reply to: "Read more" button #427929
    in reply to: "Read more" button #426941

    I don`t want to use plugins. Because i was hacked through one plugin. I see in russian language its translated, but cant find place to make it for latvian language.

    in reply to: "Read more" button #426646

    I make new menu-plus-lv_LV.po/mo file with translated Menu/Izvēlne and put these file in plugins/gp-premium/langs/menu-plus but not translated, still looks in Menu.

    And one more question. Where can i translate a search function? Search button, nothing found, you searched for and and some text which showing when nothing found.


    in reply to: Logo #424408

    Thank you Leo. Working for me, problem resolved.

    in reply to: Logo #424371

    Sticky navigation is disabled.

    in reply to: Logo #424354

    Its work, but not correct position on mobile device. Still better look when it was in primary navigation. Just need to remove link from logo.

    in reply to: Logo #424321

    Deleted logo from primary navigation. You can see now how it looks.

    in reply to: Logo #424189

    When i add this

    add_action( 'generate_inside_navigation','lh_add_navigation_logo' );
    function lh_add_navigation_logo() {
        <div class="site-logo sticky-logo navigation-logo">
           <img src="" alt="" />

    to my functions.php then i have 2 same logos, one is clickable, second is non clickable. Then i remove my logo from Primary Navigation and after that logo showing in header and big size.

    in reply to: "Read more" button #419522

    After plugin update my problem with these translations are solved. But still one more translation problem with Mobile Menu. In English language its translated to Menu. In Russian language its translated in Меню. But still in Latvian Menu not Izvēlne which one i need. Can`t find where to translate. Because in theme .po file its translated.

    in reply to: "Read more" button #411996

    Hey again. Still dont resolve my problem.

    add_filter( 'option_generate_blog_settings', 'tu_translatable_blog_strings' );
    function tu_translatable_blog_strings( $options ) {
        $options['read_more'] = __( 'Read more', 'generate-blog' );
        $options['masonry_load_more'] = __( '+ More','generate-blog' );
        $options['masonry_loading'] = __( 'Loading...','generate-blog' );
        return $options;

    Added this one im my child theme functions.php no results. In wp_contetnt/languages/themes added russian and latvian .po files still nothing. When i change in that code which are in functions.php “Read More” to “Lasīt vairāk” then it looks same in 3 languages no saperate. In EN “Read More”, LV “Lasīt vairāk” utc. I dont know hoe to fix that problem.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)