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  • in reply to: heading 2 #449543

    Thank you!

    in reply to: heading 2 #449321

    How can I manage this?

    in reply to: upgrade #444222

    thank you1

    in reply to: upgrade #444210

    Yes, it’s great I’ve found it.
    do you suggest me to check these two boxes (Load Essentials Icons Only And Cache Dynamic CSS)?

    in reply to: upgrade #444180

    is this upgrade meant for the parent theme only?
    And it’s right to see the parent theme inactive while the child theme active!

    in reply to: logo #443259

    I’ve received an email about GeneratePress 2.0 !
    is it a new theme or will be new update of the current theme?

    in reply to: logo #443165

    How often can this situation happen?

    in reply to: logo #443135

    No, there’s not anything uploaded at all.

    I’ve turned off caching plugin (W3 Total Cache) however the situation still as before.

    in reply to: content layout #440445

    Thank you Tom!

    in reply to: padding #439461

    Thank you very much Leo!

    in reply to: padding #439313

    Hi Leo,
    really thanks for your support, however it seems that I’m bothering you as I see how different designs looks on my site what makes the padding disappear and I need to restore it.
    So is it possible let me know how can I know the widget number my self to fix the issue when need?

    in reply to: padding #438593

    I used the css and it worked well then the padding comes back and no response!

    in reply to: Update #432918

    thank you!

    in reply to: static page #430372


    in reply to: static page #428590

    how can I create a blog page ? and keeping the home page showing the latest posts at the same time.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)