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  • in reply to: links #468939

    Hi leo,
    Thanks for your support. However I’d like to be able to change the color of the line.

    in reply to: change a blog post into a page #455828

    I just wanted to if there away rather than copying and pasting.

    in reply to: Font Family #454694

    it’s great!

    Thank you very much. Now I’d like to add another font family for headings.
    Where do I past the new JavaScript? In wp_footer too!


    in reply to: Font Family #454630

    Sure you can!

    I’ll send you my admin login details right away.

    in reply to: Font Family #453939

    Yes, nimbus-sans doesn’t exist in the font family dropdown!

    in reply to: Font Family #453533

    I cannot find the new font family in the customizer to select.
    I’m not sure which page do you mean?

    in reply to: Font Family #453474

    Reply Please.

    in reply to: Font Family #452855

    Dear Leo,
    I made the steps but I don’t see any result!

    What I’ve done below.
    1. I put the javascript they gave as shown above, and paste it into the wp_footer hook in “Appearance > GP Hooks”.

    2. the font family that I want to use is “nimbus-sans” so I inserted it into the code below instead of proxima-nova to be
    add_filter( ‘generate_typography_default_fonts’, ‘tu_add_typekit_fonts’ );
    function tu_add_typekit_fonts( $fonts ) {
    $fonts[] = ‘nimbus-sans’;
    return $fonts;

    then I put code in code snippet plugin as shown in this screenshot
    However tell now it has not shown as an option in the Customizer!

    waiting your help.

    in reply to: Font Family #452676

    1. Take the javascript they give you, and paste it into the wp_footer hook in “Appearance > GP Hooks”.
    is this code (below) the JavaScript code ?

    (function(d) {
    var config = {
    kitId: ‘pbr7fyc’,
    scriptTimeout: 3000,
    async: true
    h=d.documentElement,t=setTimeout(function(){h.className=h.className.replace(/\bwf-loading\b/g,””)+” wf-inactive”;},config.scriptTimeout),tk=d.createElement(“script”),f=false,s=d.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0],a;h.className+=” wf-loading”;tk.src=’’+config.kitId+’.js’;tk.async=true;tk.onload=tk.onreadystatechange=function(){a=this.readyState;if(f||a&&a!=”complete”&&a!=”loaded”)return;f=true;clearTimeout(t);try{Typekit.load(config)}catch(e){}};s.parentNode.insertBefore(tk,s)

    2. Grab the name they give you for the font-family value.
    Please take a look at the screen shot below.

    in reply to: heading 2 #449543

    Thank you!

    in reply to: heading 2 #449321

    How can I manage this?

    in reply to: upgrade #444222

    thank you1

    in reply to: upgrade #444210

    Yes, it’s great I’ve found it.
    do you suggest me to check these two boxes (Load Essentials Icons Only And Cache Dynamic CSS)?

    in reply to: upgrade #444180

    is this upgrade meant for the parent theme only?
    And it’s right to see the parent theme inactive while the child theme active!

    in reply to: logo #443259

    I’ve received an email about GeneratePress 2.0 !
    is it a new theme or will be new update of the current theme?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 70 total)