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    Hi Leo,

    Sure, one example is on posts here: if you scroll to the bottom after the content you will see a green line under the social media icons. Another place/example is on the home page: in the latest articles section the same green line under the photo(s), author, title and read more button(s). Thanks!

    in reply to: Link Style #449644

    This worked great but we have to exclude the underlining for some of the other page elements. for example… e have a social share icon on the page and it added the underline to that graphic/image. How can I exclude the underline to only be in the page or post content.

    in reply to: Mobile Menu Spacing #443439

    Perfect! Thank you!

    in reply to: Link Style #443437

    Great! Thank you, that works! Is it possible to change the color of the now underlined links so that only the underlined hyperlinks change color? In other words, keep the hyperlinked text styled as black (#00000) but have the underline itself be a different color (I am going for green #0a9e01) Thanks!

    in reply to: GENERATE PRESS HELP #400802

    Great. Thank you!

    in reply to: GENERATE PRESS HELP #400611

    2. This is happening because the URL to the image isn’t working. Try re-uploading it.
    Can you tell me where I would set this logo cause I have it under Customizer > Site Identity but I cant find where to set the sticky logo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)