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  • in reply to: How do I add a favicon #462394

    I believe it’s under Customizer > Site Identity.

    Maybe use more descriptive sentences instead, but the main need is still to translate it into my language for our customers.

    in reply to: Sections and Hooks issue #439210

    Just to elaborate a bit more on Leo’s response, if the sponsoren div is generated by the shortcode, then I guess you would need to wrap it inside like this:

        echo '<div class="container grid-container">';
        do_shortcode("[the short code]");
        echo '</div>';
    in reply to: Sections and Hooks issue #438778

    If you see the text rendering out, kind of sounds like you are simply outputing them as HTML. Are you sure you are doing this?

        do_shortcode("[the short code]");

    As for your second question, I personally don’t use Sections, but it sounds reasonable to me: if you are using sections for a page, and you are adding custom content to it via hook, you should be writing your markup for the added content as well.

    in reply to: How to make blog page width wider than actual posts? #438708

    Are you saying that you want the single post page has padding of 400px while keeping the post entries in archive pages unaffected? Maybe you could try putting this in your wp_head hook in Appearance -> GP Hook:

    <?php if ( is_archive() || is_home() ) : ?>
    .separate-containers .inside-article {
        padding: 40px;
    <?php endif; ?>


    PS: not quite sure if setting such a large content padding in general is a good idea though.

    in reply to: different menu designs for different pages #438667

    I also would like to see how the crew addresses this need. It seems like there is no easy option for this. If you are comfortable writing code, this could be easily solved by writing custom css to your specific design needs along with some WP conditional tags. A few filters that might help you set/unset CSS classes and set position of the navigation: generate_navigation_class, generate_navigation_location, and the core body_class filters.

    If writing custom code is not your thing, and you are using a page builder plugin, you could also disable the header on some specific pages, and build a custom header from scratch using page builder for these pages.

    in reply to: Paragraph margin and link color #438642

    When you select a page in the admin there is a ‘Page Header’ panel there where you could choose the header you would like to use. I don’t use page header myself but I think this should be where to look for in your scenario.

    in reply to: Layout single page post modification #438640

    Go to your admin and select this page. On the top choose ‘Screen Options’, toggle ‘Discussion’, then the ‘Discussion’ panel would appear where you could disallow comments for this page only.

    Then locate the ‘Sidebar Layout’ panel, select ‘Content (no sidebars)’.

    Then locate the ‘Disable Elements’ panel, check ‘Footer’.

    No custom code needed.

    in reply to: Widget spacing #437576

    Just tested out myself, seems like the option in customizer is for the paddings around the entire .footer-widgets container so setting them won’t help. Tom’s approach should definitely work.

    in reply to: Widget spacing #437563

    If you want to add more space between different widgets I guess what you can do is to go to Customizer -> Layout -> Footer. Change both ‘Footer Width’ and ‘Inner Footer Width’ to be ‘Full’. Then you could adjust the gutter in ‘Footer Widget Area Padding’.

    in reply to: 2 minor bugs found in 1.5.5 #437560

    Thanks. Just realized 2.0 alpha is out. I guess I’ll also play around with it this weekend.

    in reply to: Fonts primary navigation #436867

    If changing the font family in primary navigation is all you need:

    #primary-menu li {
        font-family: name of the font here;

    If you want to add more custom font supports in the Customizer for endusers to choose from, which I am currently doing, requires a lot more work.

    in reply to: footer widget area only in the homepage #427380

    We have a built-in feature for this already maybe? I think you could change the number of footer widgets to be 0 in customizer and set 3 footer widgets in the home page only, on a per-page basis.

    Filters are also available:

    in reply to: Confusing top bar alignment with multiple widgets #420563

    just a side-question: as GP premium users, is there a way to hide the GeneratePress link under Appearance for non-administrator users? we tend to offer our clients a less powerful, custom admin role instead.

    in reply to: Confusing top bar alignment with multiple widgets #420560

    I understand the implementation details, but it’s just not that intuitive to clients. See, we got:

    1 3 5 =========== 6 4 2 for left,


    2 4 6 =========== 1 3 5 for right.

    It would make more sense to have:

    1 3 5 =========== 2 4 6 for left isn’t it? and I believe the implementation would be even simpler: we add .top-bar-align-right to .top-bar if Left or Right Alignment is selected, then, if Left Alignment is selected, apply float: left; to the odd ones; if Right Alignment is selected, apply float: left; to the even ones.

    The current implementation for the Right Alignment is the same as what I just described, but for the Left one, we add .top-bar-align-left to .top-bar and then apply float left to the odd ones and float right to the even ones, which then creates that reasonable-but-not-so-intuitive result of reverse ordering on the right side. I understand it wouldn’t be possible for you to adjust the core since it would break backward compatibility and ruin the design of existing sites, but is there a simple way for me to hack it to be what I prefer without touching the core?


    just to share my solution. currently I have this custom css to achieve what I want. It’s based on utilizing selector with higher specificity to overwrite the default rules, not sure if it would affect anything else other than top bar itself?

    <style> {
        text-align: right;
    } .inside-top-bar>.widget:nth-child(even) {
        float: none;
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