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Genie Bohn

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  • in reply to: Background Images #264803

    Oh, you’re British. Love GB.

    in reply to: Background Images #264793

    Yes, I found that after writing that post.

    I did not do a manual update, but I did have to delete the old plugin from the plugin list – upload the new file and activate.

    Thanks much.

    in reply to: Background Images #264788

    Please excuse me – now I do see where I can download the latest version.

    Under Accounts
    — View Details and Downloads

    The latest file will be available.


    in reply to: Background Images #264780

    I am having the same issue.

    4 of my 5 sites, all running on a dedicated server do NOT work.

    When I go into my working site, click APPEARANCE and the click GeneratePress, the page shows I am using 1.2.92 – THIS IS WORKING

    On my other 4 sites when I follow the above procedure, it shows NO GP-Premium version, so that leads me to my list of plugins, which shows I am using version 1.1

    I come here and check my account and find 3 sites listed = 1 that worked and two that did not and 2 that needed to be added for updates.

    How can I update the other four sites on my server? It would be nice that in my ACCOUNT, I would have the ability to download the latest version if it is not being sent to all the listed sites.

    Thanks for the help,

    in reply to: Want your site showcased? #228926

    I am impressed with both Damond’s sites. I was wondering how he did the transparent overlay on the bottom one. and how did he rotate them.


    in reply to: (Random) Rotate Header / Logo (per page view) #196500

    Thank You.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by  Genie Bohn.
    in reply to: (Random) Rotate Header / Logo (per page view) #196422

    Something has changed somewhere. I have returned to the random code you mentioned above to put in as a hook which worked at the time. I have latest upgrades of GP and GPP and WP.

    The random images works fine, but it is printing out the php code to the screen.

    See here Link


    in reply to: (Random) Rotate Header / Logo (per page view) #155004

    Just as a follow up….

    The site is under re-construction, but you can see the random changes in the header.

    Followed your instructions exactly. It will be easy to add more or change the images.


    $headers = array(
    $random = $headers[ rand( 0, count( $headers ) -1 ) ];
    echo '<img src="' . $random . '" alt="" />';

    (Click “EXECUTE PHP” underneath.

    in reply to: (Random) Rotate Header / Logo (per page view) #154997

    I’ll give this a try, although, I’ve never worked with hooks.


    Hooks was snap.

    Thank you, Tom

    3 – 2 – 1 WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!

    (I guess you can figure I live near The Cape)

    Most grateful for your time.

    in reply to: (Random) Rotate Header / Logo (per page view) #154976

    A rotating background sounds interesting, too – but I was only looking for the header / logo.

    Thank you, for your time.

    in reply to: Suggestion for user convenience #142912

    I can agree to this. I use one but it took me a while to find something that didn’t conflict with the color scheme too badly.

    in reply to: Spacing options & post formats #127811

    Zoe, go here to wordpress. There is an actual Child Theme generator. I used one of the top two shown. Couple clicks and it’s done. Just open the css file it creates, and plunk that code into it.

    WordPress Plugin Child Themes

    Don’t forget you have to ACTIVATE the child-theme as your default theme.

    in reply to: Spacing options & post formats #127785

    I know Tom is fantastically quick to reply, but he answered the “space between widget title and widget content not long ago. I think that is what you are asking.

    I think the default might be 40px, but put this in a child them :

    .widget-title {
          margin-bottom: 10px;

    I selected the 10 px distance.

    See it here: site

    Hope it helps

    in reply to: Site Layout and Responsive #122127

    Very sorry for the time taken to return to this topic. When you live in Florida, you seem to get more company than you did when you once lived near them.. LOL

    Again, the layout looks perfect on my computer screen using several popular browsers. The problem comes when looking at the site with small devices, such as laptops and ipads. The content seems to shift outside into the background. It wasn’t brought to my attention before – so I don’t know if it’s an unknown change I made or something new with the last upgrade.



    in reply to: Background Transparency and Fixed Navigation #115644

    Frank, as an aside, I just added a bit of transparency over my background image. (One image, which looks like two)

    See it here: Period Drama

    See it here: Look Back at Me

    I achieved total transparency here: My site by clicking in the color box and then deleting whatever was there. You wind up with a “HEX VALUE” or “false” in the box.

    Hope that was another way to achieve what you are trying.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)