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  • in reply to: updating to v2.0 #444216


    in reply to: Want your site showcased? #412906

    Tom & Crew,

    I couldn’t of done it without you. Thank you all.

    in reply to: block quote lingering vertical border #412510

    Thanks Tom » That did it » here’s a related follow on question:

    How do I get the block quotes on a single page (say the homepage) to show at a different size (20pt, vs 18pt default) size?

    in reply to: direct links to FAQ's #412044

    Vincent @ elementor came through like at champ » is updated code (below) allows me to crate tags to FAQs via elementor’s accordion widget and GP’s wp_footer GPHook. Thanks Leo!

    Here is the cod that went into wp_footer gp hook:


    jQuery(function($) {

    window.onhashchange = function() {
    var hash = location.hash;

    $( document ).ready(function() {


    in reply to: direct links to FAQ's #411855

    will do

    in reply to: direct links to FAQ's #411424

    This works, under the following scenario:

    I’m already on the page and put the #test at the end of the webpage as in (localhost:8888/agneticdev/faqs/#test)

    But » the progress bar sticks about 15% in and doesn’t progress
    Also » when I enter in “localhost:8888/agneticdev/faqs/#test” directly into a blank webpage it doesn’t go to the faq where “test” is…


    I stand self-corrected » I went back and found I click the “save” and not the “save and activate” button in snippets » all good now


    Hi Tom,

    I’m attempting to use the co author plug in with the code listed above, and I’m stuck.

    I was able to
    1) add the php code above via snippets
    2) install the plug in
    3) add the guest author on the posts’ edit page

    But I’m unable to see the guest author in the draft or published page.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks David » that worked!


    OK, I’ve tried all the CSS codes listed above and I’m still having problems…

    1) even though the elementor edit icons do show up inside the row, when I click on the section icon in the top row, I am unable activate the section area of elementor. In other words, I click and nothing happens

    2) things work fine on the 2nd and all other rows

    3) I don’t know if the following is related, but 1 & 2 above remain constant regardless if I have “<span> </span>” or “<!– page header –>” in the page’s content section. (It’s been awhile since I’ve worked this area of my website. A few months ago, <span> </span> was suggested and now I see <!– page header –>.

    4) I’m using the following versions:
    generatepress 1.4
    generatepress premium 1.4.3
    elementor 1.2.7
    elementor pro 1.9.3

    I open to any suggestions as to how to get the elementor edit icons functional. I’d like to make some refinements..

    oh! is the website

    in reply to: change site title color on a per page basis... #358223

    perfect! thank you!

    in reply to: change site title color on a per page basis... #358004

    Thanks Tom » That worked great » I should have also asked for the tagline » what is the code to changes the tagline?

    Hi Tom,

    ∞ the image not showing problem has been resolved

    ∞ the problem occurred when I used themes backupbuddy app to migrate from a localhost to my .com address.

    ∞ while waiting to here back from the elmentor folk, I found their article on ‘replace url’ feature.

    ∞ I tried it and it worked

    Thanks again for your help

    Yes. your previous response gave me a Homer Simpson “Dugh!” moment. So I made a inquiry that is pending. I’ll revert when I hear back.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)