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  • in reply to: GP Hooks - disable on mobile and tablet? #473734

    You can use media queries with CSS to hide the slider. You will need to know the sliders #ID or a one of its parent CSS Classes. And then add this CSS to the additional CSS in your customiser:

    @media (max-width: 1024px) {
        .my-slider-class {
            display: none;

    I would advise that you don’t put your slider in the wp_head, this is reserved from meta data, styles and scripts. Use the Before Header instead.

    in reply to: Structured Data > hatom "missing Author" #458420

    Hi Tom, experiencing the same issue. Missing entry title, author and updated. I thought this may have been related to using a GP Header for outputing that content. Link to post

    in reply to: Sidebar Padding Bug #458392

    Your welcome Tom.

    in reply to: PODs and Simple CSS #454697

    Thanks Tom and agreed. will let you know.

    in reply to: PODs and Simple CSS #454386

    Thats correct Tom

    in reply to: Any plans on increasing media queries for typography? #454222

    Hi Maria, couple of things. The Rule will require !important to override the main styles. Secondly the first set of brackets shouldn’t contain a unit just the values. I had some pretty funky results using REMs and EMs with this model that i haven’t yet ironed out. Might be best to work with good old pixels for now.

    in reply to: PODs and Simple CSS #454074

    Thanks Tom. Not sure when it occurred as i updated GP and PODs in the same week…..

    EDIT: I can confirm PODs is using Code Mirror in their template editor.

    in reply to: How do I make these? #430280

    They are called sitelinks and they are an automated function in google that only display if google believes they are relevant. requires a lot of site optimization and a unique name that ranks at the top of a search. If you’re interested the latter part of this article may be of assistance. But there is no magic button to do this:

    in reply to: Single product gallery number of images in a row #425065
    in reply to: PODs CPT - Sidebar #422550

    Thank you Tom. Much appreciated.

    in reply to: PODs CPT - Sidebar #421398

    Hi Tom

    Yes i have three CPTS that dont require it



    in reply to: WooCommerce best practices #410672

    Oh one thing to note – if your using the woo lightbox then it will use the raw image file. Hence the reason to have bigger images then those set in Woo.

    in reply to: WooCommerce best practices #410666

    Hi Moses, you can set the catalog image sizes to suit your need, so if you want adjust the image dimensions for the portrait images like ASOS. Here is woo article on image usage take note of regenerating thumbnails it also has a link regarding fixing blurry images.

    The images don’t have to be square that is just my preference to ensure consistency. What you can do is create square images that have white space all round – then following link above you could set the Catalog images to portrait dimensions with hard crop on so you can have portrait catalog images and square product page images.

    Note the reason for square is when zoomed upon the image is scaled up by it’s width to fit the zoom container, if you have a really tall narrow image like a Pen or Pencil the zoomed image becomes huge and can mess up the page!

    in reply to: Adding CSS for Dummys;-) #410313

    Documents is a good place to start here’s one on CSS

    The Additional CSS is the right place. But i would recommend downloading Tom’s Simple CSS plugin, its great and its free

    in reply to: WooCommerce best practices #410140

    I leave woo default image settings as is which gives a 600px product image.
    Min resolution i work with is 1200px (which will give you double the pixels for zoom) only bigger if there is a lot of detail and its all about the image rather than the description.
    Work with square images, even if you have to add white (or transparency for PNG) space to the image to make them so, this allows you to ensure consistent positioning, will keep your shop page products consistent in height but will negate any odd zoom effects that can happen on narrow or wide images.
    Use a good compression tool for reducing the size before uploading if possible.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 327 total)