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  • in reply to: Page header fix no longer working #420959

    Thanks! It is fixed!

    Yes, it’s working now.

    in reply to: Page header fix no longer working #420951

    Oh! I do have PHP. Sorry. I forgot about that part. It’s

    add_filter( 'option_generate_page_header_settings','tu_dynamic_page_header_position' );
    add_filter( 'option_generate_blog_settings','tu_dynamic_page_header_position' );
    function tu_dynamic_page_header_position( $options ) {
    	if ( in_category( 'chechnya' ) ) {
    		$options[ 'post_header_position' ] = 'above-content';
    	return $options;

    Should I go ahead and try replacing this with what Tom mentioned above?

    Sorry, yes. That’s because after I updated to 1.5, the thumbnails were all enormous. So I figured the only solution was to resize in the customizer.

    But I did that in 1.5. Maybe it got fixed in 1.5.1? Because now removing the parameters and including the CSS has it back to the way I wanted it all along …

    in reply to: Page header fix no longer working #420780

    OK. But I don’t want that, because that would affect all the featured image on the posts on the site. I only want this to affect the page headers in this category.

    I just added it back to Simple CSS so you can see it.

    I removed it because it wasn’t working.

    Adding another comment because I’m not sure I hit “Notify me of follow-up replies via email.”

    in reply to: set different font sizes for mobile versus desktop #418708

    In my experience, by default Elementor inherits typography settings from the overall website CSS. It won’t override my typography unless I use Elementor-specific typography settings, which I only do on two pages on my website. One of those is the homepage, which is probably why it’s misleading you …

    Here is a webpage that uses blockquote and ul tags in the html:

    If you look at it in mobile view or a screen size narrower than 769, you’ll see that the blockquote, ul, and meta text are all much larger than the p (paragraph) text. p font size is set at 13px, everything else is default 17px for desktops.

    in reply to: set different font sizes for mobile versus desktop #418496

    Thank you! The p tag worked for shrinking a lot of the post body text, but I use lots of lists and blockquotes, so is there a tag I can use other than p so the formatting applies to all non-header body text? Or do I need to repeat for each: ul, ol, blockquote … And what about post meta? Those are still fairly large on mobile.


    in reply to: set different font sizes for mobile versus desktop #417051

    Yes, just the body text. The font size, line height and paragraph margin.

    May I ask why that’s not part of the customization or if it’s in the plans? It seems like something that would be in demand. Or is mine the only site with a body text that looks fine on desktops but way too big on phones?

    This is my blockquote css, fine on desktop and tablet but not on mobile:

    blockquote {
    	font-size: 100%;
    	font-style: normal;
    		font-family: 'droid serif';
    	border-left: none;
    	margin-top: 1em;
        margin-bottom: 1em;
        margin-left: 40px;
        margin-right: 40px;
    	padding: 0.25em 40px;
    	line-height: 1.75;
    	position: relative;
    		background: none ;
    	color: #333333;
    blockquote:before {
    display: block;
    		content: "\201C";
    	font-size: 80px;
    	position: absolute;
    	left: -10px;
    	top: -30px;
    	color: #7a7a7a;
    blockquote cite {
    	color: #999999;
    	font-size: 14px;
    	display: block;
    	margin-top: 5px;
    blockquote cite:before {
    	content: "\2014 \2009";

    You can see it in use here:

    in reply to: Imported font not displaying #415865

    Thanks, that fixed it! I’d misunderstood the article and thought the second src was only if one had a second eot file.

    And yes, that won’t be the permanent location, I just threw them there because I was close to the folder at the time. Bad practice 🙂

    in reply to: Imported font not displaying #415692

    Yes. I tested the URLs and they download the fonts.

    Correction: the svg file isn’t downloading, but I can’t figure out why. It’s in the same location in FTP as the rest of the files.

    No caching is being implemented on this site to my knowledge. It’s hosted by GoDaddy, no CDS, and no caching plugins.

    in reply to: Navigation logo issues #378915

    That didn’t work. Would that be because I have

    .menu-item img {
        position: relative;
        bottom: -3px;

    in my CSS? This was added to make sure that images added to the menu in place of icons lined up with text and icons (See social media menu at bottom of pages?

    in reply to: Category Image header "broke" with latest update #374211

    Worked great. Thanks!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 84 total)