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  • in reply to: Body Typography Settings Not Working? #445003

    So I can’t use customization for body font-size? Works fine with headings for different viewports. Seems counterintuitive to have customization tools that are sometimes purposeful and sometimes for preview only.

    in reply to: GP Styles Conflict with Mailchimp Embed Sign Up Form? #444209

    Well, I can’t explain it, but the form started rendering correctly all of a sudden. Not necessarily helpful to others, but a relief for me.

    in reply to: GP Styles Conflict with Mailchimp Embed Sign Up Form? #443559

    Hi Leo,

    No, not in the email from support. In their troubleshooting guide they reference an issue with some WP themes (failure of the submit button to appear, which can be fixed by removing or renaming a specific div class). They say that it’s caused by a css conflict that only seems to arise with certain themes (they didn’t name them). Because I’ve been unable to fix the problem, I thought perhaps there might be a conflict with GP styling of some sort. Of course, if that were the case, one would think the !important override would solve the issue.

    I’ll see if they’ll get a dev involved. They don’t have a way to get direct tech support – for users with free accounts, at least. The general support person that made some recommendations (floats and a clear that only changed the problem) had to do research on her own, because she doesn’t code. She definitely went above and beyond.

    I’ll report back if they offer or I can come up with a fix. Might be useful to someone in the future.



    in reply to: Logo Position Static vs. Sticky #402911


    Thanks, Leo!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)