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Adrian Cojocariu

Omg Imna bother you 😛 This is a long post.

What do you mean my code got stripped ?

This is the link

I kinda fixed it, but now I’m having a mobile issue, I’m thinking that the width of the image is just too big and it only shows a part of it, the left side to be exact. If I zoom in on the PC, the image stays centered at about 175%, and it repeats from top to bottom, but at 200% and above it just shows one zoomed in part of the image. I think it’s just too big ? Should I try different resolutions ? I already resized it to about 50% of what it was. Maybe it’s too small lol.

So on your homepage you use a darkened image with lighter text on it. I want my image bright, so I decided instead to use a background-color with opacity in the CSS. Problem is if I don’t set min-height it bugs out, and looks like this :

It’s strange …

I used @media couse I didn’t want it also on mobile, but it’s not an option.

BTW If I remove the text Divs, the mobile version shows the whole image, centered, full resolution, and looks smooth. But as soon as I place text and get it to about 300px in heght, it shows like that, because it stacks elements on over another.

This is the CSS I used

/* .unique-section-class .generate-sections-inside-container {
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.25);
text-align: center;


.unique-section-class .generate-sections-inside-container {

So basically I want about 2 divs in that section, but to be aligned center both horizontally and vertically. With the horizontal position, the text-align did the trick, but for vertical, vertical-align doesn’t seem to work so I’ll just use padding, as you did.

This is the code I stole from your homepage.

<>(I put them like this because otherwise the page would take them as code)div class=”grid-50 home-info”<>
<h1>Free WordPress Theme</h1>
<h3>Simple, Lightweight & Fast</h3>
<p style=”text-align: center; margin-bottom: 15px;”>Add-ons Download Demo</p>
<h3 style=”font-weight: 100; font-size: 35px; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 0;”><span id=”totaldownloads” style=”font-weight: bold;”>182,000</span>+</h3>
<>div class=”downloads”>Downloads!<>/div<>

Did you just code this, or did you use some sort of plugin to create it/ arrange it in the section ?

In this video you stack them one over another, but now the are in 50% width divs. I guess that’s what class grid-50 means.