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Once again me…

I installed Simple php and added the code and now the following error is occurring: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function home() in /home2/muddyroad/public_html/wp-content/plugins/generate-simple-php/custom.php on line 12” in your simple php plugin is written: “Caution: Be sure to have access to your server via File Manager or FTP in case an error occurs” so I checked on my cPanel and there are “special ftp accounts listed?!
Sorry but I don’t really get what I have to do… if this takes too much time for you, don’t bother, I found a way to change the container size for my blogs, which is already pretty satisfying me 🙂

On my stories page was this sidebar although I chose “Content (no sidebars)” on “edit page”, on the single post pages it’s working like this. I got rid of it with “.blog .sidebar {display: none;}” but there’s still the space of the sidebar left, I tried different things in simple css like padding etc. but couldn’t find a solution… you may have an answer?