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Hi Tom.

I’m remembering you mentioning previously something about how if you click the “Add background image” in the “Page Header” meta section, it should pull the featured image.

Unless I am remembering it incorrectly, that doesn’t actually happen. It seems the only way to get the image I want shown the top (using this responsive vh styling I’ve got going on), is bypassing the Featured Image altogether and use the Page Header area.

Featured Images: If there is no Featured Image set on individual posts, the blog landing page (showing all the posts/excerpts/columns/masonry, etc) does not show any of the header image previews. The Page Header isn’t being pulled into the blog thumbnail preview and I don’t want to have to set it in 2 places (ie: the default Featured Image + Page Header section, since the FI isn’t being pulled into the PH).

Individual Blog Posts: (related to above) Is there a way to make the Page Header show up as the Featured Image & Thumbnail? The customizer options refer to Post Image (which I’m assuming is the featured image) but doesn’t allow you to use the Page Header for the post.

Unless I enter (at the very least) an empty space or text of any kind, I do not get the options for Page Header > Content Settings in the Page Header area – which is the very thing I NEED = the settings. I don’t want to HAVE to add text to the images. In many cases, I just want the image, and let the blog post content flow beneath by default.

It’s also a potential issue is that a client will never remember all those individual settings. Is there a way to (by default) have the content settings options expanded regardless of whether or not there is text in that area? Mostly for efficiency AND consistency – trying to avoid having to set those things on every single post, especially is there are many posts.

I’m not sure if I missed something, or if there’s a function I can add to do what I’m looking for = override the defaults. Make sense?