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Hi Tom,

First things first–the baby is adorable πŸ™‚

I am really happy to tell you that my site is live and my podcast is in iTunes!

You have seen my site before, from looking when I had questions, but the final version is at

I want you to know that I am getting lots of compliments on the site, and of course, I never could have done it without you and GeneratePress.

So I sent you a thank you via PayPal πŸ™‚

Tom, please check out the footer–unless you already saw it when you helped with my site.

And if you could possibly, possibly listen to my Welcome episode, I would really appreciate it. It’s 12 minutes long. If you don’t have 12 minutes, the last half should do πŸ™‚

With tremendous appreciation and respect for what you do for all of us…Meredith at Local Hearted