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Hi Lyle,
While I’ve used Autoptimize in select instances, I haven’t used it very much. Usually, I use a plugin that goes by the same name:

It’s not a ‘tested’ version for WP 4.6, but I’ve never had it give me any issues. The only times that this plugin doesn’t have as big of an impact on speed scores is if the site is using a significant number of plugins. However, in a relatively clean installation without a ton of noise in the build, it does its job really well.

I’m going to try to start doing builds where I don’t use a caching plugin to test speed scores, THEN install one if I absolutely need it, but Tom is right, it should be done at the server level. If I need a CDN for a site with large images, there are nice plugins for only connecting CDN resources like WP CDN Rewrite, that don’t require a plugin go-between.