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Agreed. I’m starting to see that now. I’m also starting to see that if a site is developed clean from the foundation, some of these tools are unnecessary. I’ll say this much, premium plugins and CDN services are just another overhead item that can be jettisoned with a solid foundation. I’m really excited about GP.

Quick question, Tom: In reading through the forums, there was an option to buy an agency level option, though what I bought was just one add-on option. I’ll gladly buy a more expensive option to further support your work. I also see that there is a coffees solution for donations to your efforts. I plan on making GP a partner in my projects. The work being done here is really out of this world. It’s also a rarity that the founder and lead developer is as involved as you are. This gives me significant confidence in making this a larger part of my business. Though as you grow, I don’t expect this to always be the case, it’s exciting to have come across your great product and this community.