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The crazy thing is, I didn’t add a caching plugin at all. In fact, when I add any caching plugin it actually made my site slower (I tend to any of the following three: WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket). Pingdom would report some deficiency that wasn’t present without the caching plugin. I even added MaxCDN thinking that it would improve my scores, and it made no difference.

In the end, I got rid of a caching plugin altogether, which kind of feels like forgetting to put your pants on. Like I said in my earlier thread, GP is making me reevaluate everything that I’ve been doing since starting my business five years ago. Since I’m more of a marketer that knows how to use business tools to get the job done, rather than a hardcore developer, I’ve tried everything to gain an edge in the SEO department. Now, I’ll just have to figure out how to make custom designs with GP and hope that making a child theme out of it won’t harm these amazing speed results. 😉