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After installing Toolset plugin for custom taxonomies I see “Archive” title on my custom categories.
I ve created archive-My_Posttype by editing archive.php and cuting “<?php do_action( ‘generate_archive_title’ ); ?>”. As I understand it cuts not only H1 ARCHIVE πŸ™‚ and for My_posttype it doesn’t matter.
It s matter for MY_TAXONOMIES archives.
What I have done yet to change “Archive” title:
1. read plugin info “Two solutions are possible. One may be an admin theme option to turn off titles on these kind of pages. Second, would require editing the theme archive.php file and remove the code that prints that title.
Just be sure that you include your new title from Views inside an H1 tag, to get the best SEO results.”
but I have not found this “switcher”
than I have sought answer here to remove this part of code here.
I ve installed Pluginception ( and puted Tom’s code to my new plugin. no changes.
than I ve pasted code from – no changes. from – no changes.
3. Hide it in css by ((post-type-archive-testimonial page-header ( display: none;))) – no changes.
I need to cut “Archive” h1 and replace it with my H1 from editor.
As I understand… I may create taxonomy.php and rewrite code but i don’t know php πŸ™‚
What I need to do?