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Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought “use background image” meant “grab featured image”. I thought it meant something else like having it fill the whole page (as a background) instead of the responsive size I wanted. And a hard crop would need to be set each time tequiring me (or a client) to remember the size each time.

Ideally, not having to upload in 2 locations would be great to achieve the effect: like uploading a featured image and then setting the page header info.

When I’m done with the site I’ll send you a link so you can check it out. I’m still finishing the custom post types and portfolio galleries which is way more time consuming (argh)

Figuring out how to utilize the header feature works now because it allows me to overlay text into the image. And for consistency sake I like all the “features images” to be the same in inside pages.

So this method allows me to do that since I created the classes in my style sheet. So they’re all the same now.