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Joanne Smith

yes — It seems to have WORKED at first glance — will play around with it tomorrow — where I can push the booundaries — but the Landing page has a full background with no padding and the main pages have the padding!! Yahoo — it taken me hours to get this fix — going back and forth with other themes and always wanting to use yours!!!

I also added some Custom CSS for the SMALLER mobile screens from previous threads — and that has worked great too for the H1 and H2 and H3 text —

I have been telling everyone on blog posts ( and the Elementor developers too ) and even my LinkedIn wordpress group to use your GP theme with Elementor to use to build websites – as you have the Clean THEME and they have the clean page builder — a developers dream web designers toolkit for custom website designs not more off the shelf themes that you can’t do anything with and are stuck with what is out of the box — design by numbers — the same as paint by numbers — now I am free to design what I want to design layout the pages the way I want — no more boring coding — let the designers design and the coders code I say!!

I think this is the RIGHT combination and takes me back to my Adobe Dreamweaver days and now I can build even MORE professional looking websites with cleaner instant CSS on the fly — most importantly it is front end editor so you get the LIVE view as you design …….and it is indeed as they say…very vert VERY VERY fast to edit.

They did suggest using a child theme of Twenty Sixteen but it did not have the header and navigation layout controls like you offer ( among-st other items ) — so thank you for a GREAT theme!!

I hope this help your business model grow!