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Joanne Smith


Just q quick one

I am testing a layout for a landing page and need some of the rows with background content — ie colour and video to be Full width

I created a new page and then choose full width tab and turned off the header and page title

I added the column and added background content but there still is a GAP showing on live view — I think this is because in the Custom settings I told it to put a gap in the layout — which is needed for the rest of the site normal web pages

see images to show what happens when I go to the custom settings and change the layout container gaps to 0 left and right — it solves the full page problem but then the normal pages are not correct

can you provide some CSS to solve or am I going about it the wrong way ?

is there a css tip to remove gap from any full width columns or is it something incompatible with your theme and eliminator page builder >–-National-Family-Child-Care-Assistance-2016-07-30-00-04-00.png

i need your theme to show their demo layout