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Hi Tom,

thanks for the quick reply!

a) Thanks for letting me that GP adds the style.css on it’s own. But I still don’t get the difference between the included styles.css (with the s in the name, the one that’s in your child zip file) and the automatically created style.css (without the s in the name).

b) Via ftp I created a folder generatepress-child in the folder wp-content/themes and put the two files from your zip-file in there (styles.css and functions.php) after adding my little code from above to the php-file.

Under Appearance / Themes I couldn’t choose the child theme, there is only GPv1.34.
I thought maybe I need to log out and log in again so WordPress scans the themes folder again, but no, still only GP, not the child theme to choose. Also I noticed that the style.css is not automatically created yet.

Am I missing a step? I thought as soon as I created the child folder with the two files I could choose this child theme in the WordPress dashboard under Appearance / Themes (at least that’s what they say in the article

Thanks a lot,