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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom

You appear to be missing my point so I’ll show you using a screencast

You should see the white space below the lowest widget(s) change in distance from the footer element where the copyrights located. It happens at 1024 pixels wide and smaller.

There is a one pixel zone IE 1025px using 110 and 125% zoom where the format appears correct at the bottom though not between the widgets however from that point on (1024 and less) the distance between footer and footer widgets increases by about 40-50px and between is the widgets is back to being where it normally is. It not due to anything I’ve done. This site uses the latest community version and has next to no CSS other than to control back to top button position and sticky post color and the like.

Do you see what I mean now ?

PS the horizontal scroll bar appearing is now fixed and unrelated.