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Lead Developer

You can use negative values with margin, but not with padding. However, negative margins should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Do you also see what I mean by the space below the widgets differing between the desktop and mobile view or more precisely with a viewport of 1024 pixels or less ?

I don’t see what you mean. The spacing doesn’t change depending on media queries currently. You can check the padding and margin using inspect element on desktop vs mobile if you’re interested – there’s no differences.

Of course, as you resize, the footer will move up and down depending on the length of the content above it as it adjusts to the width of the browser. This is 100% intended and the natural flow of resizing your browser. As the browser reduces in width, the content becomes longer as the space for it reduces, and the footer is moved down naturally.

Things will adjust as you resize your browser, they won’t stay constant unless you completely disable the responsive aspect of the design. This is the intention of responsive web design, which is where the name responsive comes from.

There has been a couple bugs – the grid disappearing at 1025px while zoomed in being one of them (now fixed).

The footer widgets not taking up 100% of the grid at 769px (I think) while zoomed (now fixed as well). isn’t running the latest version, so it’s not the best site to test out these issues on.

I’m not sure I’m seeing any other bugs – even in the videos you’ve created.