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Garth Dryland

Hey Tom

Using a negative value definitely does appear to work or I wouldn’t see it move the widgets downward however I do believe it may only work because I have used a positive value elsewhere. As I said previously I have a positive number in the customiser. I believe I may effectively be cancelling out this positive value with the negative value in the media queries. Either that or margin-bottom doesn’t act the same as padding does in the footer. I had to use margin-bottom to make this negative value work. Using padding in this fashion did nothing or next to nothing.

It was the only way I could get the widgets to sit in a consistent position at varying page widths.

Do you get what I mean?

Do you also see what I mean by the space below the widgets differing between the desktop and mobile view or more precisely with a viewport of 1024 pixels or less ?

In a desktop view there’s like 40-50px below the widgets whereas below 1024px its more like 90-100px yet this happens without including any CSS, so the difference in position must be triggered by the theme somehow.

It would be nice if these acted the same so the content remained in an identical position regardless of view type. The top appears to and so do the sides but for some reason the bottom acts differently increasing the white space below the widgets when the viewport is below 1024px. You can check what I mean using which has no such media queries controlling widget padding etc. You can also see the same thing happen on