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Garth Dryland


I have uploaded some more screencasts.

It appears that in the community version 1.3.34 the majority of the issue is with the mobile view breakpoint at 110 and 125% (maybe other % zoom). For some reason I have to have 1px between min and max here also whereas all others work best sharing the same numeric breakpoint for both min and max setting respectively. All appear to work on 100% -125% zoom except for at 768 769px At this point only 100% zoom works as shown in one of the screencasts.

I also believe the changes made to fix 1025px issue (other version) changed how the footer works because I was getting both columns touching side by side at one point whereas the community version doesn’t appear to do that at all, so it appears something else must have moved in the grid when you made that change for that to happen.

Hope this helps clarify a bit more.