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Garth Dryland

Hey Tom

These screencasts are using the community version 1.3.34 – The other version with 1025px fix gives different results. When watching these, use full screen or you wont see the pixels in bottom right corner and issues occurring up near the top of the page simultaneously.

For example the screencast on footer showing space below widgets, when using the other 1025px fixed version was actually losing pixels of padding above the widgets not gaining size below the widget like this version shows. I have come across other issues like this at various (pixel) widths/zoom but don’t see that recreating them will help at this stage.

In the remaining screencasts you will see various points where the right side blog column drops below the left.

I also read though the website you sent me above on @media queries and if I understand it correctly it implies chrome should not see part pixels which can throw format out plus some of these issues occur above 1025 pixels so should be outside of any such media queries anyway so don’t believe that info is entirely relevant to this issue.

Hope this helps you to understand what I’m referring to.