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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom

Yes I understand the content will move using zoom though I would like to think the content should remain constant and in the same general layout, not randomly change at one pixel width, lets say 812px and at 813px be back to normal layout. These pixel figures are pulled out of thin air and only for the purposes of explaining what I see.

Firstly the issue I refer to generally affects the blog when using medium sized posts. Maybe small too though I haven’t tried that, whereas you used the forum which has full sized posts. At various levels of zoom the right side content drops below the left leaving the right side visibly without content. This also happens with a blog using a large first post and medium sized posts under that once the site transitions to a size whereby the large post becomes a medium post IE at 1024 pixels. You can refer to to see this blog type configuration.

Secondly the issue footer wise probably wont happen on as you don’t appear to using media queries to position content moving it out of the default locations controlled by normal customise layout padding settings, whereas I am and I should be able too. I never saw this footer issue when using standard customise settings and no media query CSS. Having said that I also strongly believe its not my CSS or it would be a consistent issue and its not. When it comes to the blog I have also removed my CSS completely and the issue still occurs.

While I refer to zooming its also a combination of site width (pixels wise) and zoom at times and CSS which shows me the grid layout moves position at various levels of zoom when it comes to the footer. If you just zoom without being at an affected pixel width and you don’t use media queries controlling content position you wont see the issue. This is probably why you aren’t seeing what I see.

With a bit of luck I should be staging my site over to production in a day or two and then you may see what I mean if I provide the widths for you to check. I will post an update when its done to let you know.

I may even make a few Jing screencasts to help explain this. If I don’t stage my site for some reason I will certainly try to make some screencasts at some stage in the coming days to help clarify this.

Hope that helps