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Garth Dryland

No reason Tom other than checking what the grid/site is doing.

I would like to think things should remain constant content position wise. The more I look around there seems to be a number of places the format goes out especially when it come to the blog and I’m talking at 110% 125% 150% zoom.

I haven’t recorded the exact positions pixel wise given I’m hoping that they’ll all be resolved when you sort the issues however there are quite a few positions where the right hand blog column drop down under the left side as an example. Footer widget also move around vertically and horizontally depending on zoom and site width.

Given I’ve added my own CSS / media queries (which I know aren’t causing these issues) I have been testing how my site looks and I know the grid has been causing me number of problems. I believe I have it acting how I want it to now but its only right (to the best of my knowledge) with browser zoom at 100%. Its certainly not extreme to zoom to 110% or 125% and both cause grid issue which makes content move out of position.

I only went up to 500% as a matter of interest to see what happens. In reality 150% is max practical zoom. There shouldn’t be anyone going above that unless they aren’t using any display zoom. A 125% display zoom in my view on an HD display with 125% browser zoom would be fairly normal, especially if the persons eyes aren’t perfect.

Hope that makes sense to you and clarifies my actions.