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Garth Dryland


I’ve been doing a bit more testing with both variations of v1.3.34 and depending on which one I use, they both appear to affect how my css positions content indicating the grid must be moving.

I’ve swapped back to the community version because the footer issues are actually worse than the 1025 pixel issue.

I have provided a couple more screenshots. These are using the community v1.3.34. The other version appear to act similar whereby the grid is moving horizontally whereas all the other issues the grid was moving vertically as far as I can recall.

Depending on the version (in this case the community version) the lower two widgets moving up about 12px (which is the padding setting) whereas the other version the top two widgets move up approx 12px (also the padding setting).

Again this is at 125% browser zoom and if I go to 100% is seems to be okay on the community version anyway.

Hopefully this is of some help.