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Lead Developer

Hi Craig,

This is definitely a very interesting discussion.

Someone brought up the same thing about a week ago, stating they weren’t comfortable purchasing GP Premium as there is no yearly fees.

When GP first started, I wasn’t sure it was going to work, so I gave it a very generous license and a low price tag.

Now, GP is definitely working – it’s my full time job, and 100% of how I provide for my family (working on more separate projects to bring that percentage down).

The trouble is, I’m nervous that if I were to implement yearly fees (they wouldn’t affect people who have already purchased), I would scare away a good amount of people and sales would suffer.

However, the more I get people asking me about this, and actually telling me that it would make them more comfortable, the more I consider at least trying it for a short period of time to see if it works.

Definitely something for me to think about.

Currently, if anyone wants to take “yearly fees” into their own hands and support development of GP, we have an ongoing development page:

I appreciate your $.02! 🙂