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Page titles aren’t displayed by default with Sections, as it would look pretty ugly to have a stray title above your sections.

I’d say “ugly” is subjective. When a designed and styled properly, nothing needs to looks ugly. I know how I want to style and position the title but since it’s been removed for me, I’m stuck. :/

You can add your own page title into your first section – simply type it it and wrap it in a Heading 1

Starting off with at least 10 pages, having the page title appear by default is far more efficient, allowing me the flexibility to style it as needed. I’d prefer not to have to choose one or the other. This will create more manual work + risking the client “messing up” what is on the page (which is already hard enough to control regardless of user roles assigned).

How do I override this so I can see the page title & use sections? I would prefer to choose when I don’t want the page title to show.