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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom

You may be misunderstanding what I mean by zoom in and out. I don’t mean sitting there zooming. I use it at one level and later change it as a work around. I only zoom in and out to resolve the issues I’m experiencing to find a sweet spot as the problems typically occur at what I would consider a normal viewing size. This is how I initially found the issue. I only worked out later that zooming in more was a temp work around but its to large to be practical for constant use, hence I zoom back out at times. It can also occur when zoomed out too for example at 100% display zoom and under 100% on the browsers but its also not practical to work on like this given the size.

Did you use Chrome or Firefox for testing or both ? You may also have to apply zoom to the display, not just the browser to recreate the issue. I find it happens on Chrome at 125% display zoom and 125% browser (but not limited to this). On Firefox try 125% display and 170% + on browser. You may also need to restart PC after changing setting before testing. It does seem worse on Chrome but it still happens on Firefox and the Edge.

On my computer the default display zoom is 125% (recommended) because of the HD graphics are rather small otherwise. I also increased the browser zoom to 125% because my eyes aren’t that great these days and I am use to a 1360px wide desktop not this 1920px HD display. Other people also potentially do this too.

I suspect however that if you fix the grid issue the others may also be sorted. I feel that they are connected given they only appear at certain levels of zoom like the 1025px grid issue does. For example it may happen at 125% but not at 110% or 150% but may occur again at 175% etc. Given that 125% display and browser zoom is where the 1025px issue happens and this scrollbar back to top button issue also occurs there I somehow doubt that’s just a coincidence.

I also cant recreate any of these issues on other websites that aren’t GP based and I have tested heaps for ages.

Do you have an ETA on the grid fix?