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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom,

I zoom in to find a sweet spot that allows me to view the site as I should be able too so I don’t experience these issues, to zooming out because with it zoomed in its really impractical to work on given I cant see a lot of my site at any one time on screen.

So I have this constant battle of where I need to resize the site too, to where I want it zoom wise so its practical to see the site. If I was to increase the font size that doesn’t change the format pixel/monitor/browser/display wise, just the fonts within such.

It also appears that the lower scroll bar issue/behaviour is much the same. It doesn’t always happen unless the browser/display is zoomed accordingly. It doesn’t appear to be associated to the admin bar however it does appear to happen when window hits the edge of the site. In my case that’s at 1080px.

It doesn’t appear to be related to my CSS or to do with any changes I’ve made between my production and staging sites. It appears that all the issues I’m experiencing are somewhat connected to each other. Fix one and I suspect that all these problems will be resolved. I hope that makes sense to you.

I believe you managed to recreate the issue I see by zooming display/browser earlier this week whereby I loose the right side widgets at 1025px so maybe try using my production site to recreate these additional issues.

Note: the back to top button “must” be visible for this scroll bar issue to occur. I can also recreate this on your site.

Also note you may see a solid scroll bar on my production site above at times around 800-900px however that is a formatting issue and is not connected to the problem described here. I have fixed that on my staging site by increasing my right side widgets from 25% to 30% so that the twitter feed fits properly within therefore the scroll bar no longer appears.

PS my sites are always running the latest plugins/themes.