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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom

I zoom in and out because of the other problems i’m experiencing re @media issues discussed over the last few days. Its the only way to make my site show as it should without the formatting changing (for example loosing the right sidebar widgets at 1025px. Also the lower scroll bar appears which seems connected to the back t top button. When the back to top icon is showing the lower scroll bar flashes off and on as I slide the page down to various display sizes while testing the layout of the site moving it through various @media points. Different levels of zoom allows me to do this without loosing the format or having this scroll bar issue.

I mentioned the other day its annoying because I find myself zooming browser and display sizes in/out and that I hope there’s a fix for it. You said you would check to see if there was a solution last time you replied on that thread. Its really frustrating but I am trying to work with what i have right now.

Here’s an example