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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom

Somehow missed your reply earlier.

I tried resolutions a few hours ago. After I got your email though I got to thinking that I changed the chrome default zoom size to 125% given its viewport looks smaller than that of the Edge and Firefox so I went and reduced it back to default 100% and bingo, problem gone. As for Firefox its still doing it.

Interested to know if your (and others) devices have this chrome issue with zoom size of 125%, if you get a moment.

Chrome is by far the most widely used browser so glad to sort it on chrome.

This revelation has also resolved two other issues I hadn’t yet raised because I had a feeling they may be connected though I wasn’t sure and I tore apart all my new css over the last 2 days trying to nut this out. Its a relief to find out my CSS isn’t the reason. Phew 🙂