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Oh stupid me!
Originally I had the menu floated to the right of the logo and on mobile view it was putting the menu above the logo. I wanted it below the logo on mobile view too so I added that script from a forum thread.

However, because there was too many links to fit to the right of the logo I changed it to below the logo on desktop view too, but I had forgotten I had added that script earlier!.
Thank you and sorry for wasting your time on something I had caused myself.

Is there some CSS you could recommend to maybe reduce the spacing between menu items responsively and maybe text size so that I dont have to have the mobile navigation kick in so early?. So keep desktop spacing/font size as it is but reduce it for say @1151px and below (when it start wrapping onto 2 lines). The nav items currently use padding in pixels, maybe something that uses percentages instead would be better?.

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