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Ramesh Srinivasan: All things you mentioned have been done.

These 2 sites are my first any only experience with GP and the only ones I’m having this issue with. I’ve disabled everything. I do this for a living – design/develop sites – so I’m no stranger to optimizing things.

Something is wrong and nothing I’ve done is any different than any of the other way more robust sites I’ve built for clients. Thanks for your 2 cents. These 2 sites will not load in less than 12 seconds with absolutely NO plugins enabled, with the caching plugin, etc.

I can not confidently build a 3rd site for this huge client I have knowing this is a potential issue. I’m really frustrated. It’s a little challenging to try some of these fixes though, when it takes 3 minutes to get one page to load just to see if a plugin can be installed, and then another 3 minutes for it to activate… another 3 minutes to tell me nothing or do nothing.

I’m not a novice. I have already confirmed that NONE of my other sites are having an issue.

I already posted the results that the only “error” or “issue related areas” of the load test were directly indicating something on the GP side so I guess it’s just my host. Sigh.