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I appreciate your comments and suggestions but some of the things you’re suggesting were already donw or don’t exist. Even after waiting 3 minutes just for the dashboard to load and then deactivating or removing plugins, I’m having a hair-pulling problem – only on the sites I built with GP. I was already using Comet Cache which has improved every other site I’ve ever built load in less than a second. It’s not doing anything to speed things up here.

The load time is so long on these 2 sites I can barely wait to even see what happens or it times out. It’s like being on dial up.

The errors spit out by the Pingdom test specifically reference all the css files in the GP theme and the pro plugin.

Also, removing FontAwesome totally removes the fact that I’m using FontAwesome – so that will negate the areas that utilize it.

All due respect, there has to be something unique to the GP files causing the conflict b/c I’m not experiencing any of this on any of the other at least 10-20 sites I’ve built with a different framework. I can’t point fingers at the server/host when none of the other sites on this host are hanging and have WAY more content, resources etc than these these 2 which do not even share the same server.

I’ve just never had a site take over 12 seconds to load before so this is baffling (and like I said, isolated to this new theme/builder).