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Thanks for the response Tom.

I am updating a website to conform with mobile requirements. The website is The existing site is html built using Microsoft Expressions. I have a WordPress application at

The objective is to use a new WordPress application for to replace the html, and to integrate the essays section. To do that, I am using your Mantle theme and attempting to have a top menu for the fixed pages and a different top menu under the same header for the post pages.

Overnight, I figured out that I am not thinking right. What I should be doing is redesigning all of the site so that one menu will work. I have to stop thinking migration and start thinking redesign.

Your Mantle will do just fine the way it is and I need no further help for now.

… except for one question. What is the best way to add CSS to center post title text? Should I just add a new CSS file in the theme Mantle folder?

By the way, after trying countless themes, I seem to have suddenly discovered yours. The space between block makes the pages look so much more interesting. Very nice work. Thanks!