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Hi Tom,
thank you very much again.

It works (as you can see) but it shows in every page and It was supposed to be just in the homepage. I added these lines to your code:

add_action( 'generate_sidebars','generate_double_right_sidebar', 0 );
function generate_double_right_sidebar()
	<div class="widget-area grid-35 tablet-grid-35 grid-parent sidebar double-sidebar">
		<div class="inside-double-sidebar">
			<?php if ( is_active_sidebar( 'home_right_1' ) ) : ?>
				<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'home_right_1' ); ?>
<strong><?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ?></strong>

			<?php endif; ?>

but it doesn’t work.

Then, I noticed that clicking on the ‘Read more button’ (+Altro), last posts shown are weird (actually, without box).

Thanks again,

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